Welcome to JustPaste

How often do you need to type the same text over and over again? "We would like to inform you that the issue has been forwarded to the competent department for further review and investigation", "Best Regards, Jane Doe, Customer Service Representative", "J. van Oldenbarneveltlaan 9-d, P.O. Box 17248, 2502, CE The Hague, The Netherlands"...

Our service allows you to avoid such a routine work and misprints, appearing inevitable when typing long common phrases. All you need is to store text in the database once, and after it you'll be able to copy it with one mouse-click.

"Just Paste" will be useful to everyone who works with text: forum moderators, support team members, programmers, secretaries and to all who need to fill in the same on-line forms, to write typical email messages. You can also use "Just Paste" for quick insertion frequently used phrases, greetings, signatures, addresses, telephone numbers, organisation names and so on.

There are many programs with similar functionality on the internet, but our service has some advatages. "Just Paste" works right from your browser and doesn't require installation of any software or copying any files to your computer. This means that you can use our service from any computer with any operation system where internet-browsers can work (Windows, Linux, MacOS and even mobile devices operation systems (PalmOS, WinCE, iPhone OS)) and any security settings, because you don't need to download anything. Your phrase books are available to you anytime from any PC. If you use several computers, you don't need to copy your phrase books from one PC to another and to keep your phrase books actual, you can use your phrases anywhere you are! Your phrase books are available only to you, because the service requires authorisation and databases are reliably protected.

At the end we note, the service is absolutely free of charge! Just register and use it!

Besides that, our service provides user with the ability to exchange their phrase books. If you create a phrase book that in your opinion can be useful to other people, for example template set for html, php, mysql or C++, you can publish it in our library, where users can get ready-to-use phrase books.

If you have any questions, visit the FAQ section. If you didn't find the answer to your question or you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us via email from the Contacts section.

If you think, our service was helpful to you, you can donate us, you can find details about it in the Contacts section. ;)

Hope, you'll like using our service!